How-To for Short/Medium Hair | 5 Easy Updo Hairstyles (No-Heat)


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  1. I like the CONCEPT of many of the styles; however, because each one is pretty messy, they all end up looking very similar when she finished.  I will probably use a couple of her ideas, though.  All in all…good video.

  2. This is great!! My hair is very fine and VERY thick, and just a little wavy, so I can barely keep it in a ponytail. The only braid I can do usually is a side braid, because otherwise my arms get too tired, and all the hairs just slip right out. I have to layer it like crazy to keep from overheating. People have tried repeatedly to show me how "easy" doing my hair can be, and then give up almost instantly. I have NEVER had an updo in my life, and certainly never thought I could do one myself. But I was able to do #3 with the 4 braids within 30 minutes after watching this!! Amazing. I was worried about looking horrible at my brother's wedding this summer, but with your videos, I feel like I can do this! Thank you!

  3. thank you for this tutorial! the looks are so cute & even though I am more of a boho girl, I could see exactly how any of the updos could easily be adjusted to better suit my style. plus, if I ever need a super cute profo look, I can style them more like how you did. when you have styles that are as versatile as these, that's when you know you have a great timeless look that will be an instant classic! love it! thanks again dear! xx.

  4. thanksssssssssss alooooot, i have a function to attend and i was lost with my hair, because its short and little bit silky, i liked ur second style and just now i tried it, it was perfect, and it goes with my dress even, so I'm happyyyyyyyyyyyy, u saved me, u r my saviour, thank uuuu :*

  5. Do you think this updos also look good if you have bangs? Because I want to try them for some chique party but I don't know if it looks good on me because I have bangs :S

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