How To Start Your Wedding Photography Business with Susan Stripling: Wedding Photography Tips


In this episode of Wedding Photography Tips, top wedding photographer and educator Susan Stripling shares advice on how to start building your wedding …


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  1. My advice is go work as a second shooter for a year before shooting your first wedding. Why not learn from a pro first? This is old school thinking yes but in my opinion you would learn more from shooting for say Susan than going off on your own right away. This point is never said enough in our photographic community.

  2. I read on DPreview people asking if they should get this $4000 DSLR because they are going to be a wedding photographer. This video is great. Find out ifyou like it before you lay down the money for that kind of tool. You can buy a $4000 camera but a person who knows they love and can do this will do better with a new iPhone because they know what they are doing.
    Just like here, get your priorities straight. You can spend alittle on a used or small DSLR or mirrorless and buy yourself a couple of good lenses and you will be much better off without spending a fortune. Then decide if this is a business, hobby or something else that YOU CAN MAKE MONEY AT.
    You may charge less than everyone else and get a few clients but if your work sucks it will stay a small clientele and still w.on't be able to feed your family. I know too many whose works is terrible. They do get some clients but those are the ones who haven't seen the bad work–only the few pieces the photographer would share.
    Do good or go home

  3. It is not a good idea to shoot a wedding without second shooting first. It is not very responsible to people who you are shooting for to have your first wedding be your solo first wedding. And to set up a wedding photography business without ever shooting a wedding is insane. Who does that? What sense does that make? That would be the same as me deciding to set up a computer business without ever turning on a computer. And no, taking portraits of your kids and neighbors is not proper preparation for shooting a wedding.

    Since most of this video seems to be aimed at the irresponsible who are setting up a business without ever shooting a wedding, I am not sure what value this video has overall. I mean seeing an accountant for your business and paying taxes is all common sense, am I wrong? Is this a hidden gem of advice? Am I missing something?

  4. Agree with the taxes… business or hobby. When Uncle Sam comes knocking on your door,. you can't play the ignorance card anymore since information is readily available. If what you bring in cannot cover the cost of hiring an accountant, make an effort to learn basic bookkeeping and reading applicable tax laws. Google, Youtube and are your best friends.

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