Tips For Posing Couples PhotoShoot | Engagement Photography Photoshoot


Tips For Posing Couples Photo Engagement Photography Photoshoot FREE Pro Tutorial: Shutter Slam Insiders: …


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  1. I have a different lighting taste( I like a bit more ambient ) But Thank you for the posing suggestions. I will be using these tips tomorrow on an engagement shoot.

  2. Did you edit any of the photos you presented throughout the video or are they just straight from the camera. Great video by the way, It's the best video I've found yet !

  3. Just today I ordered a 60in Softlighter.  What stand are you using here??.  I want to make sure I have one sturdy enough.  I have sandbags as well.  Plus my husband and I shoot together so we always have each other to take turns keeping the stand from falling over.

  4. I noticed in your video that the first shot you display has EXIF data that says you were using the Nikon 810 but, in the video description you say all the gear you use is Canon. I only noticed because I was interested in your lighting setup. I no nothing of lighting but, it looks like you have a sweet setup for fill flash.

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