Wedding Photography in the Rain- A REAL Wedding Workshop in Hocking Hills by Jason Lanier


Join award winning wedding photographer Jason Lanier at his REAL Wedding Workshop in Hocking Hills, Ohio as he shoots the couple in the rain using off …


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  1. I'm such a big fan of your. I love doing photography brings out the best in me. I'M from Ga. Small town Vidalia. I would have to travel long ways to get shots like this. I would love to just hang out with you & your crowd. Awesome photoshoot that you just performed.

  2. Yes, some nice photos, but maybe tell the people at home first how you set up the lights. And don't forget to tell your students to bring there flashes before you start walking in the woods. And do you need an inflated ego to be a photographer?

  3. 11.08 is a not a very flattering shot of the bride or the groom. He has his hands in his pockets and she has her arm flattened out by her side making it look larger than it is. Just interested as to why you had the groom with his hands in his pockets in so many shots? He looks like he doesn't want to be there.

  4. Jason, I am happy that you are helping us Sony Minolta guys start to make Cannon and Nikon start to think twice, but I have watch a lot of your vids and u never care about the weather.. You wear your shoes, pants, etc into water dirt what ever.. I love that the image is the most important thing.. GO brother!!!

  5. I agree about of comment regarding him needing some more contact with his bride to be. The shots were nicely lit but missed a real strong connection between them.

  6. PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE. how about you respond to a comment (compliment) then i'll think about it. support the viewers that support you. the lack of respect pisses me off

  7. I love how epic all these shots were! I didn't love the posing though, the groom had his hand in his pocket on every single shot. That's fine for a few but I think it looks like casual disinterest. I know he loves his bride! You could let him hold her a little to show a connection between them.

  8. Nice one for not giving a fig about rainwater, i am such a wimp, never done a shoot in the rain, ever, not even with others… but it looks like it needs to be done one day i think, awesome shots, and as usual, amazing bride, and the groom, he's good too but its all about the bride eh =)

  9. Jason , you just showed us the benefit of shooting in rain.
    Where other rather stay in and wait till better days the rain gave the pictures magic (or Epic)
    And guess what , we have so much of it in my country ;-)

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