Wedding Registry Tips and Ideas + Our Experience!


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  1. I have to start by saying I found you when I was researching Erin Condren's wedding planner and have been hooked on all your videos ever since! What lip color are you wearing in the vlogging portion? I would love to see a makeup tutorial for engagement pictures. It seems like everytime I do my makeup for special events it never really photographs well (like you can't see i have eyeshadow on, etc). I'm looking for a natural look that shows there was some work put into it, while still looking like myself, you know? 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!!

  2. Hi Alex, I'm so excited for you! I've been married for almost only 2 years now, but I love watching your wedding series. Makes me feel so excited. Btw, may I know where your gorgeous mug/tumbler is from? :)

  3. You should make your wedding registry open to all your followers and subscribers. I'm sure there's tons of people that would love to send you stuff!

  4. I love you're Wedding Bells series! I was just noticing on your clipboard that we have the same wedding day! We just registered this past weekend as well 🙂 Went to Bed Bath and Beyond, and they were incredibly helpful and informative!
    I would love to see a bridal shower/bachelorette party vlog and any rehearsal dinner party prep that you might be doing as well! Or going through picking out bridesmaid dresses!

  5. Please do a vlog of your bridal shower! I know you'll be busy and want to enjoy it so maybe someone else can film you. That would be amazing!

  6. Love your videos! My husband and I live in North Alabama, so it is really weird that your in Nashville now. We travel up there several times a year for shopping. I think ya'll are going to love it there! You need to go to the Mall at Green Hills it is amazing! We also like the Cool Springs Mall, and love the bbq at Famous Daves.

  7. Just found you and I'm having a nice marathon of your videos lol I actually am also getting married this year but in october 🙂 #2015brides  🙂 hehe I started putting up wedding tips/series as well. You got some amazing things, those china cups/plates were very nice – I think we might do ours at macys too, I don't know why Macys never crossed my mind, I always thought about Bed Bath & Beyond. Have to pitch this to him LOL. Anyways, your vest in this video = want. xoxo Have a great day/night.

  8. My mom does registries at Bed Bath & Beyond and i already know everything i want to put on my own even though im not getting married anytime soon lol I love your style and how cute this video is!

  9. I was going to do a Honeymoon Registry. There are several sites that you can go through. You can customize it where your registry is people buying add-ons for where you will honeymoon. Like a snorkeling outing, fancy dinners, hike excursions.

  10. We registered at bed bath & beyond and target. In store and online. I really enjoyed the process although we only ended up with around 4 things from our registries and everyone else gave us cash/checks. I was a little dissapointed because I worked so hard on the registries but it was fun going out and shopping for our new house after the wedding 🙂 

  11. Registering was so fun! Thanks for bringing us along! You'll have even more fun opening your gifts as they gift there! TIP: write thank you cards as you receive the gifts. It makes it sooo much less stressful! 

  12. Your videos are so perfect, I moved from Florida to the Chicago area and we're engaged. So your videos and vlogs make me happy when I miss my family!!! And I pretty much always go house decor shopping after watching your videos….

  13. You should do a bridal shower preparation vlog, a rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, and maybe like a what your bringing on your honeymoon video. I just got engaged November 28 and am not getting married till December 11, 2015 so I love these videos! They give me stuff to look forward to ! 

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